The Oldest, Meanest, Toughest Rally on the Circuit

2013 LSPR

Here we are less than one month before LSPR hits the roads in the Upper Peninsula! Preparations are fully underway with the stage schedule falling into place and the route book expected to be finished next week. Different this year for LSPR is the handling of service areas with respect to timing. In the past LSPR has used MTCs for entering and leaving service areas, allowing teams to enter early and declare their time. This year to be more aligned with Rally America and other events we will be using and ATC to enter and leave service areas – this means teams will be required to enter service on their minute. Look for the stage schedule to be posted soon. Continue reading

The weather in Houghton has been chilly lately – chilly enough that on the crisp mornings you would swear it was October and you could almost feel LSPR in the air.

The organizing committee is in full gear planning our return event for the 2013 Rally America national championship series. Part of that is this new web presence. Continue reading