The Oldest, Meanest, Toughest Rally on the Circuit
Eduardo Gómez
Car Number
Car #179
Submitted By
Time Sent
10:46 am
Date Sent
Lake Superior Performance Rally
Stage 5
Applicable Rule(s)
Súper rally
Competitor Issue
Hi we had a issues with our center duff we broke at the start line oh stage 5 and we had to DNF , we would like to do super rally please, and if posible if you can adjust our speed factor at stage 2d we catch some cars and and at stage 3 we drop back our time to 16th overall and stage 4 we had some issues with our diff and finally at stage 5 after service broke down
But the car is ready to restar
Thank you very much
Requested Action
If can we do super rally and restart not so back on the field base on the speed factor
Thank you
CoC Response:

RAR request granted