The Oldest, Meanest, Toughest Rally on the Circuit
Heather Stieber
Car Number
Submitted By
Time Sent
12:05 pm
Date Sent
Lake Superior Performance Rally
Stage 10 start
Applicable Rule(s)
Per bulletin 2021-7
Competitor Issue
The incorrect start time for stage 10 was recorded on our time card as 1119. Correct stage start was 1129 and was correct in rallysafe. The time in rallysafe was used to calculate arrival at service- Per bulletin “ rallySafe system for timing, scoring and tracking at all National Championship events. The RallySafe clocks on the units are considered the “official time” for the events. The event timing and scoring will be done using the times recorded by RallySafe.” I was unable to bring up to the official at stage because that would have put us past our start time. Entering inquiry as an FYI to the situation and requesting time in rallysafe be used. Thanks!
Requested Action
Please disregard the incorrect start time for stage 10 on time card and utilize the rallysafe timing per bulletin 2021-7 thank you for your time.

Rally Safe time was used for scoring.